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Daiwa Tatula MQ LT 1000 Spinning Reel [TTUMQLT1000D-H]

Daiwa Tatula MQ LT 1000 Spinning Reel [TTUMQLT1000D-H]

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Tatula MQ LT 1000 Spinning Reel

Behold the new standard in spinning reels, Daiwa’s brilliantly-designed Tatula MQ LT. The new Tatula MQ LT embodies a rich feature set, which starts with its one-piece Monocoque Zaion V body. This design framework yields more space for larger gears, thus promoting increased torque and power from the get-go.


  • Designed to allow anglers to control fish under any conditions and a smooth and effortless retrieve
  • Equipped with a new AIRDRIVE ROTOR to provide rotation with low inertia and extra strength, the reel is equipped with the latest advanced technology and specifications
  • Air bail
  • Automatic tournament drag 
  • Digigear
  • Machine cut handle
  • Zaion body (woven high-density carbon resin)


  • Model: TTUMQLT1000D-H
  • Bearings: 8BB+1
  • Gear Ratio: 5.8
  • Line Per Crank (inch): 28.8
  • Mono Capacity: 4/250, 6/160
  • J Braid Capacity: 6/320, 8/200
  • Drag Max: 11

Airdrive Rotor (Effortless Rotation):

  • The Tatula MQ LT also boasts an AIRDRIVE ROTOR engineered to be incredibly rigid and with minimal flex, especially at high drag pressures 
  • Critically designed cut-outs reduce the weight of the rotor, itself 
  • The lighter the rotor, the less force it takes to spin around the reel, making it easier to turn the handle 
  • The screw-less rotor is super light in weight (15% lighter than the Tatula LT rotor) and with a drag inertia point that’s been reduced by 15%
  • The rotor weight reduction at the front of the reel also improves balance when paired with your favorite spinning rod

Airdrive Bail (Precise Line Flow):

  • The Tatula MQ LT features a solid AIRDRIVE BAIL, which further reduces weight and offers more rigidity than standard wire, minimizing concerns over flex, bending, or breaking 
  • The thicker material feels better to the fingers when flipping the bail as well
  • Other benefits include excellent line entanglement prevention performance and a 31% weight reduction from the standard Tatula LT’s wire bail

Airdrive Shaft (Low Friction Oscillation):

  • AIRDRIVE SHAFT has a non-contact structure between the main shaft and the pinion gear
  • Both ends of the pinion gear are now supported with bearings to transmit the crank power from the handle to the rotor with a higher level of efficiency 
  • By adding high-quality collars to the main shaft, rotational noise has been reduced significantly
  • AIRDRIVE SHAFT creates the feel of smooth, quiet rotation and provides anglers with enhanced torque and power


  • Bearing Count: 8BB+1
  • Gear Ratio: 5.8
  • Handle Position: Left/Right
  • Max Drag: 11 lbs
  • Retrieve Rate: 28.8"
  • Series: Tatula MQ LT
  • Style: Spinning
  • Box Dimensions: 4"H x 5"W x 5"L WT: 0.55 lbs
  • UPC: 043178166888

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